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The Plurrify Podcast launched on 12 January 2016 and has since had 100.000+ listeners from more than 150 countries. Join the journey that's gone from idea conceptualisation and babysteps to culminate in a success with truly global reach.


Want global exposure? Want to expose your organisation? Or are you an organisation that supports social entrepreneurs or activists and want to expose them? Do you want a spot on the air to inform about your organisation or a call for proposals / call for action? Do you want to start a podcast? A guest blogger? A moderator? A panelist? A lecturer? Or perhaps you have another exciting idea for partnership? Either way, contact Plurrify and let's chat opportunities.


The Numbers

100,000+ downloads | Listeners from 150+ countries


Top 10 countries (1 October 2016):

Tanzania | Myanmar | United States | Morocco | Sweden

Egypt | Saudi Arabia | Venezuela | Algeria | Bangladesh


Facebook: 4250+ followers | 165,000+ Likes | 1,750,000 reached

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