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Co-founder Renat on how we can solve environmental problems if it makes business sense for local people.

Jenna on her goal to become irrelevant and how you need to make money to save money.

Co-founder Jac on how everyone, especially women and girls, can control tech to end gender-based violence.

Founder Tristan on the environmental crisis and how they’re tackling it with supply chain integrated projects.

Founder Zoran on how Mozaik brings Bosnian youth out of unemployment and into social entrepreneurship.

Arguing that bad information leads to poor decisions, founder Peter seeks accountability through fact-checking.

Brian seeks accountability from the UN for the 10,000 confirmed dead in the 2010 Haiti cholera outbreak.

Founder Brij on his struggle for literacy in a country where 700 million people can’t read a newspaper.

Founder Adam on how N-Map use advocacy to promote human rights and social justice.

Founder Adepeju on how their kits save the lives of women and babies in rural Nigeria.

Founder Ebba on how their platform connect migrants and natives over a fun dinner, which builds mutual trust.

On how the app is preempting assault and sexual violence in 35+ countries, frustration and founders fatigue.

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