#43 Mozaik Foundation, Zoran Puljic

“The real problem for countries emerging from conflict is the economic situation for young people.”


Zoran is the founding director of Mozaik Foundation and he emerged from the last decade with an innovative approach to community and economic development. He is the 2010 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepre-neur and Zoran has served as a member and chairperson of numerous domestic and inter-national boards, including the German Marshall Fund (Balkan Trust for Democracy), European Foundation Centre (Grantmakers East Forum), the Resource Alliance and others. He was also a Duke University Fellow in Civil Society, Harvard Business and Harvard Kennedy Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship and BoardSource Fellow in non-profit governance. Zoran holds an MBA and an MA certificate in Development and in addition to his mother tongue, he is fluent in English, German and Spanish.


Mozaik Foundation was founded in 2002 and aims to contribute to the economic and social stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Mozaik is a leading social enterprise in the region and its mission is to create an army of young and enterprising people until 2023, who will create jobs and who will be role models for the 70% of young people who dream of leaving the country. Mozaik Foundation also support non-formal youth groups and organisations whose actions bring economic and social benefits. By opening two social businesses, EkoMozaik Ltd. and MaŠta Agency, Mozaik Foundation also showcase that you can run a successful business and still be responsible to society.


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