#37 United Invitations, Ebba Åkerman

“It’s so much easier to include someone, than to be included.”


Ebba is Sweden's first Secretary of Dining and the founder of United Invitations. She has a BA in Art History and wrote her master’s thesis on the social-ecological system of the meatball. She is a basketball coach, producer of a youtube wine channel and a popular speaker, having spoken at TEDx and United Nations in Geneva for example. Ebba values her sleep, enjoys dancing and likes trees. Her least favourite activity is wearing socks. She loves California.


United Invitations connect migrants who want to improve their language skills with people who are fluent in the native language over a home-cooked dinner. The dinner is always free of charge, in someone’s home and takes place with no further obligations than to share one meal. It is a non-governmental, non-profit, politically and religiously independent initiative and participation is open and free for all. United Invitation’s theory of change is that we can get around social exclusion and xenophobia by eating dinner together, by meeting as equals over food.


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