#36 Circle of 6, Nancy Schwartzman

“People should listen if they want to be dissuaded from building things.”


Nancy is a filmmaker, media strategist and catalyst for social change. She is a passionate advocate, who believes storytelling, mobile tech, gaming and social media can foster healthy relationships and build communities of respect. Nancy was recently named as one of the “Top 50 Global Leaders Working to End Violence Against Women” by SAFE Magazine. She has presented her work at the UN, the White House, TEDx, the Carter Center and at film festivals and universities around the globe. Nancy has been using new tech to innovate solutions around public safety for women and marginalised communities for over a decade, with Safestreets mapping in New York City, and now with Circle of 6. She is directing the documentary “Roll Red Roll” (release 2017) and her prior film “xoxosms” aired on PBS in 2013. Nancy is a graduate of Columbia University.


Circle of 6 knows how hard it can be to reach out when you need help, or to talk about things that are awkward, confusing, or worse. Their goal is to make the world a safer and healthier place with technology that enhances friendship and trust. In 2011 the White House created the “Apps Against Abuse” challenge to inspire citizens to build a mobile tool to prevent sexual violence on college campuses. Taking a public health approach, Circle of 6 tested with students and learned from the experience of survivors, experts and LGBTQ users, to design a tool that met young people where they are. After winning the White House challenge they received immediate media coverage and the app spread to 36 countries around the world, and is being used on college campuses of all sizes across the US.


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