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“Globally, across all cultures, food is a tool that connects us.”


Iseult is one of the co-founders and the CEO of FoodCloud. She is passionate about food, and it is that very passion that drives FoodCloud. She is a Business and Economics graduate and winner of Trinity Business student of the Year 2013. Iseult was one of Time magazines Next Generation Leaders in 2014. Iseult is an accomplished and award winning social entre-preneur and she's creating and implementing solutions to social and environmental problems.


FoodCloud is a not for profit social enterprise that, through a software platform, connects businesses with surplus food with charities in their local community. It is based in Dublin, Ireland, but also operates across the UK. On a global scale it is estimated that approximately 30% of food produced for human consumption is wasted across the food supply chain. Farmland the combined size of China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan is used to grow food that is subsequently thrown away. This happens while 1/7 globally go hungry. In Ireland 1/10 people suffer from food poverty. Using the FoodCloud tech platform, participating businesses can upload details of their surplus food and the time period in which the food can be collected. By donating surplus food to various charities, businesses can assist them in reducing their food costs and therefore allow them to redirect funding to programs assisting those who are disadvantaged, and as such creating tangible and long lasting local benefits.


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