#33 GhanaThink Foundation, Ato Ulzen-Appiah

“What happens at a Barcamp is determined by those that attend.”


Ato is an entrepreneur, manager and social media champion. He has a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from MIT and a Master's degree in construction and engineering management from Stanford. Ato is the director of GhanaThink Foundation and he's a member of the Global Shapers Accra Hub, and part of the World Economic Forum community. Ato has spoken at events such as the World Economic Forum on Africa, the Harvard African Business Conference, Pivot East and the Africa Youth For Results platform. He has previously worked at Rancard building new revenue services off its platform and for Google where Ato built sustainable tech communities in Africa. He co-founded Museke.com, an African music website and has through Museke organised two African music awards. Ato is also one of Ghana's top bloggers.


GhanaThink Foundation is a youth-led NGO based in Ghana & the US. Its primary goal is to mobilise and organise talent for the benefit of Ghana. GhanaThink's landmark initiative is the Barcamp Ghana program, where people come together for a day of learning, sharing, networking and mentoring. The mission is to build a network of changemakers and entrepreneurs. GhanaThink also seeks to support the ideas generated at the Barcamps into projects, programs or ventures. With almost 60 events reaching over 8,000 young leaders since December 2008, Barcamp Ghana has been the launchpad for business start-ups such as Afrochic, Ahonya and Ashanti Tours. GhanaThink Foundation also hosts Junior Camp Ghana, the Junior Camp Internship Program and the Ghana Volunteer Program. Through a partnership with the US Embassy in Ghana, they organized TechCamp West Africa.


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