#32 Puntos de Encuentro, Amy Bank

“In the 90s domestic violence wasn’t a priority and seen as normal.”


Amy believes that the personal is political and vice versa, and that to achieve the kind of progressive social change at the level of people's daily lives, "the magic is in the mix". She’s a United States citizen who has lived more than half her life in Nicaragua. Amy co-founded Puntos de Encuentro and spearheaded the development of two "social soap" TV dramas, that in addition to drawing huge audiences on TV throughout Central America, are used as organising tools by local groups working on gender equality and sexual productive rights, which are addressed in the series. The success and impact of the first series, Sexto Sentido (Sixth Sense) and the strategy "We're Different We're Equal" led to Amy becoming an Ashoka Fellow in 2007. She went on to develop the series Contracorriente (Turning the Tide), which has broadcast in Central America, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia, and is the basis for several regional campaigns to prevent sexual abuse, commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of adolescents. Amy has also consulted for the World Bank, the Pan American Health Organisation and the Association for Women's Rights in Development, among others.


Puntos de Encuentro (Meeting Points) is a Nicaraguan feminist non-profit organisation that was founded in 1990. Operating under the premise that "the personal is political" and social change is mediated by attitudes, values ​​and behaviours of individuals; Puntos de Encuentro decided to create an independent and pluralistic space where they could work their own agenda on women, youth and adolescents. The mission is to foster a favourable social environment, with individual and collective action for the transformation of power relations as well as recognition, protection and exercise of the rights of women in everyday life. Puntos de Encuentro argues that a democratic and just society that acts in favour of the rights of women of all ages.


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