#27 Reinserta, Saskia Niño de Rivera

“The criminal justice system is unfair and corrupt, simply a failed system.”


As a social leader and entrepreneur, Saskia is breaking the endless cycle of crime in Mexico. She founded Reinserta in 2013 and her passion is to decrease insecurity in Mexico by improving the living conditions of people in jails as well as improving the reintegration processes. Saskia majored in Psychology at Universidad Iberoamericana, and specialised in criminology, kidnapping and forensic psychology at the National Institute of Penal Sciences. In 2006 Saskia received the “American School Foundation” Leadership award and in 2015 she became an Ashoka Fellow and was named one of the “Next Generation Leaders” by TIME Magazine. In 2016 Forbes magazine selected Saskia as one of the TOP 100 most powerful women. She has also been the Director of Mexico’s Penitentiary Connection for the National Anti-Kidnapping Commission.


Reinserta works towards improving the security situation in Mexico. The organisation aims to prevent children who were born and live in prison with their mothers to become influenced by the criminal and violent environment that they live in and to create a support system for the reinsertion of teenagers who have committed crimes and spent time in juvenile correction. Furthermore Reinserta works to avoid the social resentment of individuals who were wrongfully imprisoned or convicted and to reshape public policy for the implementation of programs and measures for the social reintegration of former inmates. Finally Reinserta works to assist children caught in Mexico’s prisons, to keep them as far away as possible from other inmates, who are in for crimes including kidnapping, murder and drug trafficking. Reinserta successfully campaigned to lower the permitted age for children in jail from six to three years old across Mexico.


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