Episodes 25-36

On how the app is preempting assault and sexual violence in 35+ countries, frustration and founders fatigue.

Co-founder Iseult on how food poverty can be solved & how, across all cultures, food connects us.

Tomas on the future; how we’ll build tomorrow. How we'll live in eggs and grow our own meat and much more.

Ato on how GhanaThink has spurred more than 8,000 young leaders in Ghana to create a start-up community.

Co-founder Amy on gender equality when domestic violence is highly prevalent & all abortions banned.

How WFP Innovation aims to accelerate high impact innovations to achieve Zero Hunger globally.

Co-founder Guro on how we can harness the sun to have social impact while saving the environment.

Know the game, build your team, and make your move - how Grassroots Soccer works against HIV and AIDS.

Co-founders Zak & Karti on data-driven decision making and organisational tweaks.

Founder Saskia on crime, kidnapping, corruption, children living in prisons, hope and social reintegration.

Founder Admir on Sports Without Borders Sweden, being a refugee and integration.

Founder, author and opinionated Ken Banks on social innovation, change and development.

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