#23 Soronko Solutions, Regina Honu

“I wanted to work on social change, but didn’t want to rely on donors.”


Regina is the founder and CEO of Soronko Solutions. She was recently unveiled as the 2016 Vlisco Brand Ambassador. She won Startup Entrepreneur of the year at the 2016 Ghana Startup Awards. Regina was featured on CNN as one the 12 most inspirational women who rock STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). She has been awarded Young Entrepreneur of the year by the GPA Awards from Africa 2.0 and the JCI Ghana Outstanding Young Person award for scientific and technological advancement. Regina is an Ashoka Fellow, Aspen Institute New Voices Fellow, GOOD Fellow, Mandela Washington Fellow, Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, Vital Voices Fellow and a Change Leader with Tigo Reach For Change. Regina has been featured on CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle and Al Jazeera. She is part of the advisory board on a project to amend the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to include Digital rights of a child. Regina has been invited to speak and mentor at the Camfed Mastercard Scholars Program, TedxDartmouth, Harvard University and Oxford University.


Soronko Solutions is a software development company and a social enterprise. The mission is to use technology to drive human potential. The company leverages on developing innovative technology solutions across different channels such as Web, Mobile, POS and ATM to help small and medium scale enterprises in Ghana create visibility and grow their business with technology. The social enterprise is using mobile phones, laptops, raspberry pi's and tablets to equip Ghanaian girls with STEM and critical thinking skills to solve the problems they live with every day and to fight poverty. Soronko has started a movement called Tech Needs Girls where girls receive mentoring to lead and innovate by learning to code. More than 3000 girls have received training in eight regions across Ghana by 80+ volunteers and 130+ mentors. Soronko is working on starting the first All Girls Coding and Human Centered Design School in West Africa. Soronko Solutions was nominated for the editor’s choice award in the Women in IT award in the UK and won the Social Start-up of the year for 2016 at the Ghana Startup Awards.


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