#22 Tactical Tech, Marek Tuszynski

“Whenever you work with tech, you’re political. Tech isn’t neutral.”


Tactical Tech is a non-profit organisation that since 2003 has advanced the use of information and digital technologies by advocates and activists worldwide. Tactical Tech’s mission is to advance the skills, tools and techniques of rights advocates, empowering them to use information and communications to help marginalised communities understand and effect progressive social, environmental and political change.


Marek co-founded Tactical Tech and is a restless producer of various creative and social interventions that span across radio, television and internet, as well as those that utilise non-tech formats, such as workshops, book sprints and endless conversations. Activism, innovation and creativity are the major driving forces in his work, as is the importance of marginalised voices, opinions and world views. Marek co-founded The Second Hand Bank, the International Contemporary Art Network and recently Tactical Studios. He is currently focusing on producing interactive and static visualisations representing complex social and political issues. Marek produced and directed Tactical Tech’s “Exposing the Invisible” documentary film series.


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