#21 BrightSpyre, Faisal Chohan

“Money later, change first.”


In 2002 Cogilent Solutions launched the internet based recruitment platform “BrightSpyre.com”. Today the BrightSpyre recruitment platform is one of the best known and most credible brands in Pakistan. BrightSpyre has worked with more than 30,000 companies in Pakistan and globally, assisting them to recruit the right candidates. In January 2016, BrightSpyre registered a member base of more than 1.3 million.


Cogilent Solutions was the first company to deploy a crowdsourced disaster reporting and mapping platform; pakreport.org, during the 2010 floods in Pakistan. Pakreport used mobile phones to collect on the ground situation reports and map them in real time to connect the flood affected with relief providers. The team later scaled the platform to create the first open data platform in Pakistan.


Faisal is a tech entrepreneur, geek, innovator and problem solver. His work earned him a TED fellowship in 2009. Faisal has lead initiatives in online recruitment, disaster and open data mapping, transparency and accountability as well as virtual economy related efforts. In 2002, as a young entrepreneur, he co-founded Cogilent Solutions, where Faisal worked on BrightSpyre, building and scaling one of the early online businesses in Pakistan. He also works on mapping for disaster and transparency.


With his passion to compete in international competitions Faisal stood as a finalist in the MIT BAP and NOKIA million dollar growth economy venture challenge. Faisal pitched and won the TED City 2.0 Prize to improve sanitation in Pakistan. He has worked with General Electric, Making All Voices Count, Luth Research, Monitor Group and the University of Manchester. Faisal's work has been covered by Wired UK, Christian Science Monitor, DW TV, BBC and many international news channels.


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