#18 Liberal Democracy Institute of Egypt, Dalia Ziada

“The barrier of fear has been broken forever.”


Dalia is a leading Egyptian human rights activist, socio-political analyst and writer championing women’s rights, civil rights and liberal democratisation. She’s been selected by Egypt’s National Council of Women as a member of its Foreign Affairs Committee (2016). Dalia was selected by The Diplomatic Courier as one of the 99 Foreign Policy Leaders under 33 (2013), named by Newsweek for two years in a row (2011-2012) as one of world’s most influential and most fearless women, named by CNN as one of the Arab World’s eight agents of change (2012), selected by Daily Beast as one of world’s 17 bravest bloggers (2011). Dalia has also received the Tuft University Presidential Award for civil work (2011), and the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Journalist Award for her blog (2010). After Egypt’s 2011 revolution, Dalia co-founded a political party and ran for parliament.


The Liberal Democracy Institute of Egypt (LDI) was founded in November 2014. It’s a youth-led non-profit think tank, with the purpose to help the post-Arab Spring Egypt to achieve liberal democracy. This is done by promoting human rights, civil liberties, and individual freedom as the basis for a democratic state. For LDI “Liberal Democracy” is much more than the mere practice of citizens electing government representatives. LDI argues that Liberal Democracy is the set of collaborative practices and democratic procedures by government officials and ordinary citizens to guarantee and advance human and civil rights through constitutionalism, institutionalisation and civil society.


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