#15 iceaddis, Marcos Lemma

“Behind every successful business there is a personal struggle.”


Marcos Lemma is a technology consultant in his native Ethiopia. He is the co-founder of iceaddis and of SelamCompany - a startup venture working on primary education and literacy. Marcos has run a literacy research program with MIT & Tuft University, worked on One Laptop Per Child and he is the main planner of Barcamp Ethiopia, the largest single tech event in Ethiopia. Marcos is also an activist on human rights, freedom of speech and access to technology. Marcos blogs on different spaces, including GlobalVoices, and performs public speaking. His work has been mentioned by The Economist, BBC, CCTV, Al jazeera, TechCrunch and Wamda.


iceaddis, established in May 2011, was the first innovation hub and co-working space in Ethiopia, and it currently reaches more than 5000 individuals. At iceaddis work is performed on youth-driven private sector initiatives to facilitate constructive interaction between techies, entrepreneurs, investors and people from the creative industries. It is an open community workspace, vector for investors and pre-incubator for young energetic tech entrepreneurs. Collaborators share ideas, pool resources, use ICTs effectively, access business and life skill trainings and transform ideas into viable businesses that are related to local demands and development. Mainly young university graduates and startup founders use the iceaddis facilities, but educational institutes, government, NGOs and regional companies also get involved in iceaddis' creative community to generate new ideas for their service or develop and test projects.


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