Episodes 13-24

Founder Alaa Murabit about the Voice of Libyan Women, gender, human rights and courage.

Founder and CEO Regina Honu about Soronko Solutions, Ghana, gender issues, sustainability and donors.

Co-founder Marek Tuszynski on Tactical Tech, politics and the conversations we should be having.

Co-founder Faisal Chohan on Bright-Spyre with its 1.3+ million members & the 2010 floods in Pakistan.

Founder and CEO Kenny Ewan on WeFarm, impact and investors.

Co-founder & Executive Director Alix Dunn on how the engine room support ICT advocacy initiatives.

Founder Dalia Ziada speaks about activism, revolutions, FGM and the Liberal Democracy Institute of Egypt.

Maayan & Mohammed on how Seeds of Peace foster change on the conflict in Israel and Palestine.

Jessica Anderson on how Visualizing Impact uses data, tech & design to amplify social issues.

Co-founder Marcos Lemma on iceaddis, the tech scene, access and freedom of speech in Ethiopia.

Co-founder Judith Owigar on how AkiraChix is creating a force of women in tech, to change Africa's future.

Frank Kresin on Waag Society's "bottom-up citizen science" & a utopian society being "open, fair & inclusive".

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