#11 UX Information Technologies, Tiago Borges Coelho

“We employ the Robin Hood business model.”


Tiago is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, researcher and developer of IT services for development. He is the co-founder of UX Information Technologies and Tiago is also a technical consultant for projects from the World Bank, USAID, UNICEF, Microsoft, PwC etc. Tiago were a Country Ambassador for Mozambique at SeedStarsWorld, a Change Maker for the Association of International Schools of Africa at the Global Issues Service Summit in Mozambique, and a tech-trainer for the US State Department's TechCamp in Mozambique.


UX Information Technologies vision is to create social development technologies for growing economies. They have devised a three-step approach to identify for-profit opportunities that live at the intersection of highest social gain, financial benefit and long-term sustainability. UX won the first contest for "best new idea in ICT" sponsored by the Mozambique Ministry of Science and Technology, they’ve won a United States African Development Fund grant as part of the Young African Leaders Initiative and won both the Social Enterprise Alliance and the SF Elevator Pitch competitions in San Francisco, US, and finally UX won a grant from the Global Innovation Competition organised by Making All Voices Count.


UX Info Tech:

Website: ux.co.mz

Twitter: @UX_info_tech

Facebook: UX info tech


Emprego: emprego.co.mz




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