Episodes 1-12

Co-founder & CEO Elizabeth Gould on educating a new generation of coders and codeX smart business model.

Co-founder Tiago Borges Coelho on UX Info Tech's Robin Hood business model which enables wealth & sustainability.

Founder Esra'a Al Shafei enables human rights movements to have real impact through Majal's smart tools.

Co-founder Germán Valle elaborates on how Vongos connects "a community of heroes".

Co-founder Juliana Rotich explains Ushahidi's evolution from humble beginning to a global phenomenon.

Sam Gregory trains activists to use video effectively, safely & ethically to expose human rights abuse.

ED Tayo Akinyemi elaborates on AfriLabs, a pan-African network of 40 tech hubs in 20 countries.

Founder Marlon Parker’s community initiative; RLabs, has reached more than 5 million citizens in Africa.

Founder Claudia Calvin talk about MC, a Spanish language blogging network for women.

ED Dr. Gus Hosein navigates us through privacy, spying, whistle-blowing and online rights.

Founder Zeina Saab quit her UN job and, without any resources, started a youth focused NGO in Lebanon.

Founder Erik Hersman talks us through how Kenya got Africa's largest innovation hub.

This episode briefly explains what the Plurrify podcast is about and what made me start it.

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