#7 WITNESS, Sam Gregory

“It’s not how many people saw it, it’s who saw that, and what did they do?”


Sam has a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a BA First Class from the University of Oxford. Sam was a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Resident on the future of video-based advocacy and a 2012 Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. In 2013, Sam was a ‘Future for Good’ Fellow at the Institute for the Future. He is the Program Director at WITNESS, and teaches on human rights and participatory media as an Adjunct Lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School. Sam launched the Webby-nominated Human Rights Channel on YouTube, and leads WITNESS’ collaboration with the Guardian Project on the award-winning ObscuraCam and InformaCam tools.


Sam has worked extensively with human rights activists, particularly in Latin America and Asia, integrating video into impactful campaigns. He has spoken at the White House, SXSW, Re:Publica and the Amnesty Global Activism Summit.


As for WITNESS, their starting point today is that the majority of the world’s population now has a camera in their pocket and that people everywhere are turning to video to document and tell stories of abuse. WITNESS trains and supports these activists and citizens around the world to use video safely, ethically and effectively to expose human rights abuse and fight for human rights change. According to the WITNESS website they have 360 partner organisations, trained 6000 people, worked in 97 countries and their videos have reached 260 million people.



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