#6 AfriLabs, Tayo Akinyemi

“AfriLabs exists to build the capacity of hubs, which support the growth of tech communities around them.”


Tayo Akinyemi is an entrepreneurship enthusiast who began her career at an NGO dedicated to advancing women in corporate business. Since then Tayo has focused on understanding how businesses are built and sustained. Most recently, she was the first Executive Director of AfriLabs. From developing a community-inclusive business strategy for a greenfield sugarcane ethanol venture in Mozambique, to executing the US entry strategy for a digital marketing company in Brazil, Tayo has also explored the social impact of commercial businesses. She has an MBA from Cornell University, and a BA from Princeton University.



AfriLabs is a pan-African network of 40 technology innovation hubs in 20 countries. It was founded in 2011 to build a community around the rapidly emerging tech hubs ― i.e. spaces that serve as physical nexus points for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. AfriLabs is working through these spaces to build an innovation infrastructure that will encourage the growth of Africa’s knowledge economy by supporting the development of start-ups, technology and innovation. To better serve their communities AfriLabs allow hubs to learn from each other through knowledge sharing and collaboration as well as achieve sustainability by creating solid business models and bolstering team capacity. AfriLabs represent nearly 50% of the hubs in Africa.



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