#4 Mujeres Construyendo, Dr. Claudia Calvin

"When you realise how fragile you are, that’s when you understand how strong you are"


Dr. Claudia Calvin founded Mujeres Constru-yendo (MC) in 2009. It was then the first Spanish language platform for women bloggers. Through MC Claudia promotes the participation of more women on the Internet. It has spurred new media channels and got more women into ICTs. The purpose is to assist these women in acheiving their full potential by strengthening and empowering them. It allows women to communicate their ideas, dreams, projects and business initiatives, as well as stand united in their efforts to support each other in the achievement of their personal and professional goals. Today MC has become a digital ecosystem of nearly 30 000 people.


Besides her work on MC, Claudia is also the general director of COMEXI, an independent think tank focused on the analysis of Mexico’s role in the international sphere. She holds a Ph.d. in Social and Political Sciences from the Latin-American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO). Claudia has been nominated as one of the most influential women of Mexican Internet in 2014, she was also invited to form part of the Assessment Group for Civil Society by UN Women in Mexico. Claudia was selected as a finalist for GEM-Tech Awards 2014, awarded by the ITU and UN Women, in recognition of those people who promote gender equality through information technologies. Before starting MC Claudia has worked more than 18 years in the Mexican publican sector, spanning different roles such as international relations, diplomacy, strategic communications and gender mainstreaming.





Dr. Claudia Calvin

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