#1 iHub, Erik Hersman

"Erik of all trades, master of all"


The iHub is part open community space, part vector for investors and VCs, and part incubator. It's a vibrant and collaborative environment for innovators and startups to think through their ideas, develop their solutions, and it lowers the barriers to entry for many young would-be entrepreneurs.


The iHub was the first such space in Kenya and has spurred a revolution in the tech ecosystem across the African continent over the last five years, constantly challenging and influencing technology development.


The iHub has over 15 000 members and has spurred over 150 start-ups, including other hubs in Kenya and across the continent.



Besides founding iHub, Erik is also a Senior Ted Fellow, a PopTech Social Innovation Faculty Fellow. He is CEO and co-founder of BRCK, co-founder of Ushahidi, a general partner of the Savannah Fund. Erik sits on the boards of SwahiliBox, Gearbox, AkiraChix, Angani, AfriLabs, m:Lab, Kijabe Forest Trust, and Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative. He has also established AfriGadget.com and whiteafrican.com.


Erik Hersman:

Twitter: @whiteafrican

Website: whiteafrican.com

iHub: ihub.co.ke

BRCK: brck.com

Ushahidi: ushahidi.com





Mathias Antonsson:

Twitter: @plurrify

LinkedIn: profile

Email: podcast@plurrify.net





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