Starting Plurrify; an easy tough decision


Hi, my name is Mathias Antonsson. I've lived on four continents and have had the world as my workplace. Working for big multilateral actors with project management, ICT's and communication in every role imaginable from donor, broker, recipient and implementer. It's been a very rewarding journey both professionally and personally. More than anything I've had the pleasure of meeting great people from across the globe that in different ways are part of the solution; making the world and our communities a better place. People are the key. Their stories inspire and gives me hope that we can achieve a better tomorrow. Together and for everyone.


My motivation lies in enabling anyone born on this planet a chance to reach their potential. The constraints are manyfold, however so are the opportunities. Social entrepreneurhsip is at its core about providing a service, product or similar that fills a gap, yet its constraint often consists of it not being profitable, and by extension not sustainable. This is one of many reasons why most projects fail. However the Plurrify podcast is about the exact opposite.


The larger question I want to pursue is; are there any patterns as to why the social entrepreneurs interviewed have been successful? Is it down to personality? Organisational philosophy? Stubbornness? Drive? Innovative minds and ideas? Serendipity? Fifty other things? A mix? Or none of the above?


Realising and supporting the idea that the collective mind is greater than the individual, I decided to make these discussions public through a podcast series; Plurrify. This allows us to attempt to solve the greater issue together. Add your expertise, perspective, professional experience and knowledge to the process. I want the Plurrify podcast to be a journey we embark on together. As such please connect with me. Share your ideas, ask questions, criticise, comment or give feedback.

Plurrify Introduction Episode

Listen to the introduction episode where I walk you through why I started the Plurrify podcast and share a little about what brought me to that decision - Plurrify Introduction

Career Snapshots


My second family, Ushahidi, the world leading solution for crowdsourced crisis mapping. The tool is amazing, but better yet, the people behind it are beyond amazing.

Making All Voices Count

Part of the management team for this $50 million Challenge Fund that supports governance projects in Africa and Asia.

Representing Sida

Hired by the Swedish Development and Co-operation Agency (Sida) as an ICT4D expert, then seconded by Sida to different entities in Kenya.

UN Award for PM skills

I had the fortune of being part of a team given a UN 21 award personally by the United Nations Secretary General to “recognize the outstanding work of colleagues who advanced projects with great impact and innovative potential”.

Started @UN

Starting and getting @UN to critical mass was perhaps the most exciting piece of work I've done. Roaming the halls of the United Nations telling its story from the inside.


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